About Us

We Make Your Tomorrow Better!

ISP Service

Our Mission

With rapidly changing global world, we strive to educate our students by offering them an opportunity to see the wide world beyond our own. It is our mission to make students’ tomorrow better and lead them through an exciting educational journey. We are determined to make sure that all of our students have an enriching educational experience. Our students are exposed to a different kind of educational system, and they are faced with a challenge to study abroad while trying to find their own interest and passion.

Our History

ISP is an education organization, annually sponsoring hundreds of international students. ISP has placed thousands of students with schools in the USA, working exclusively with groups of qualified organizations and schools. For more than 10 years, ISP has been the recognized leader and pioneer in helping families find educational solutions for their academic goals. ISP strives to create a “better tomorrow” for our students and support them to become the global leaders of 21st century. Our global education model is based on universal values such as kindness, respect, honesty, global understanding, and service to humanity. Furthermore, ISP believes that every person has a part in the education process, and we therefore encourage and facilitate ongoing dialogues and communications for anyone who is interested in building a better world.

Our Advantage

ISP values its relationship with students/parents. ISP recognizes students’ individual goals and needs. Our students are always at the “center” of our program, and we see ourselves as supporters, guiding and encouraging students to discover their own possibilities through hands-on experiences. ISP provides exposure to new academic and cultural opportunities. Many former students come back year after year to visit ISP staff and to offer advice to new students. Most ISP has students have successfully entered the prestigious universities throughout USA and other countries.

Our Management Team

ISP values our practical and proactive supervision and management. Our students are encouraged to share their experiences, thoughts, and observations – both big and small & both good and bad. We use these comments as our tool to better serve our students and parents. We also hold discussions, interactive meetings, and prompt and continuous feedbacks.